Professional Pay Per Click Management by Smart Click

Smart Click's main objective when managing a Pay per Click (PPC) campaign is to ensure a greater volume of pre-qualified traffic is delivered to your website or webpage for a lower cost.

On average 30% of traffic via Adwords is wasted - wasted on erroneous searches where Google is matching you for the wrong keyword, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ensure you get more for less by optimising your PPC campaign with Smart Click.
Smart Click work to objectives and with every client campaign we set custom (SMART) targets - be that increasing quality score (QS) or working to a CPA (Cost per Action).

The fundamental principle of Smart Click PPC is to improve our client return on investment. We work with Google Analytics tracking and do not look to charge you extra for expensive tracking systems that are equal to Google.

Smart Click understands your Google Adwords account is just that - your account and are happy for you to maintain your billing arrangements with Google. We charge a competitive management fee to run the account and that's it. We are completely transparent ensuring there are never any hidden charges applied to your account, without your prior knowledge.

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The idea of advertisements that appear next to the organic results from searches conducted online using Google and other sites is not a new one and it has proved to be a very effective way to promote goods and services on the Internet for many companies around the world. However, the exacting standards that need to be met if your adverts are to provide a decent return on investment and beat out the stiff competition they will face mean that managing such a campaign in the 21st century has become a full-time job. For this reason, many firms hire a pay per click company such as ourselves to ensure that they are not left behind in this crucial area of digital marketing. We are so confident in our ability to make real improvements to your current strategy that we guarantee to match your recent performance whilst charging you 20% less.

Any marketing campaign conducted on the Internet should be done in concert with search engine optimisation to make sure that in the future your website will appear on the first page of results on its own merits. It is also important to have quality content in place, something not every PPC agency is able to handle. Without interesting copy, it is likely that the majority of visitors to your site will not stay long enough to discover what it is that your company has to offer. As a firm that provides a comprehensive range of services, we are able to handle this side of things in addition to ensuring that your adverts perform well. The more relevant they are the more often they will appear, regardless of the budget that you have set, so making sure that they are well written is one of the keys to effective PPC management.