About Smart Click

Smart Click are a dedicated Pay-Per-Click management agency based in Bristol. We were established in 2006 after the immense success of our sister company Smart Traffic, the UK's largest Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Company.

Like SEO, Google Adwords campaign strategies have evolved rapidly. Campaigns must be continuously optimised to improve on and maintain top rankings. It is no longer a case of bidding the highest amount for the top positions. You can actually outrank competitors who are paying far more per click for the same keyword by ensuring your campaign is accurately targeted and by utilising the Google content network.

Our dedicated Smart Click team has had a wealth of experience managing client campaigns from small to medium enterprises through to large blue-chip corporates. Our client base includes renowned brands such as Hewlett Packard, cruise.co.uk and injuriesdirect.co.uk. We believe in the highest levels of service and every prospect receives an indepth consultation with a senior Adwords specialist. Once a client you will receive weekly report updates and a monthly overall campaign performance report.





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