Adwords Campaign Management Performance Guaranteed

Effective Pay Per Click management requires CONSTANT analysis and testing of your campaigns. Every week your market, competitors and potential customers could be changing and evolving their online strategies and online behaviour. To get the very best Return On Investment, Smart Click pro-actively work on your campaign to ensure it is consistently fulfilling it's potential and staying one step ahead of the market.

On a weekly basis Smart Click will carry out the following campaign performance checks:

  • Analyse past AdWords Campaign data to identify trends and to eliminate 'dead wood'
  • Identify keywords which are converting and removing those that are not
  • Test ad copy to attract more clicks from your target audience
  • Carry out split testing of keywords and ad copy
  • Identify opportunities to target more potential customers
  • Drive down your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Identify your main competitors PPC strategy to ensure you stay one step ahead
  • Optimise your Adwords campaign with each Google Update (Google Instant, Preview etc)

Our Campaign Performance Guarantee

Smart Traffic provide a monthly performance guarantee with every Adword Campaign to ensure all campaign targets are achieved. Our performance guarantee is divided into two phases of set targets. Should we fail to reach your target within either phase we shall work for FREE until done so.

PHASE 1(Months 1 to 3)

If the targets have not been hit by the end of month 3 then Smart Click will work for free until targets are reached. Only once the first phase performance targets have been hit will the remaining 9 months of your contract come into effect.

PHASE 2(Months 4 to 12)

If the targets have not been hit by the end of month 12 then Smart Click will work for free until all targets have been achieved.

Tracking Your Campaign Performance

Smart Click provide regular in-depth reporting to give you complete visibility of your campaign daily, weekly and monthly..

  • Our Client Campaign Centre is available 24/7 for you to view all current and past reports.
  • Your dedicated Campaign Manager will be available during business hours.
  • You shall be provided a Weekly Campaign Summary and a full Monthly Campaign Review.





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