Case Studies

Client: 365 Diamond

Market: Online Jewellery Market

Objective: To increase ROI, by making the Adwords spend more effective.

Previous Campaign Performance

The account structure itself was in some ways very good and in some ways appalling. Whilst a lot of time had been taken to generating numerous keywords, ads and Adgroups, no consideration had been given to the overall account structure, negatives, cross-pollination, and internal budget competition with Google cross-pollination.

Initial Changes Made by Smart Click

Our primary consideration was removing the brand from the main campaign to allow 100% impression share. We then proceeded to add campaign and adgroup negatives (this is still an ongoing process). Following this, we brought primary keywords into their own campaigns - this process allows for everything to be segmented. The ads themselves were poorly constructed and not relevant enough to the search phrases. Work was completed to match keywords to ads again by improving the structure of the campaign. Furthermore, split testing of new ads with 4 variations optimised weekly.

The Campaign Results

The campaign changes have resulted in the client Adwords spend being reduced by 42% with them maintaining the same level of income within 1.5% of the previous month.

Client: Wight Locations

Market: Isle of Wight Cottages

Objective: To manage seasonal trends and increase conversions by making the Adwords spend more effective and targeted.

Previous Campaign Performance

The structure of the campaign was limited to one campaign and three ad groups and over 200 keywords between them. Keywords were suffering from low quality scores and CTR.

Initial changes made by Smart Click to meet objectives:

  • First we removed brand from the main campaign to allow 100% impression share.

  • Work was carried out to target the different areas of the IOW where Wight Locations had cottages. Network extensions were then used to drive seasonal traffic on non-seasonal keywords. Therefore fulfilling part of the main objective.

  • Extensive use of negatives keywords.

  • Ads were well constructed and only where required new Ads were added and Split A, B tested. This process is ongoing to improve performance.

The Difference Those Changes Made:

  • Reduction of erroneous searches by approximately 12%.

  • CPA now under £10 per conversion .

  • Increased CTR by from 1% to 5.8% thus improving QS from an average of 3 to 7 with other changes made to the campaign structure. This is currently ongoing.

  • An overall more responsive campaign that can be changed quickly depending on requirements.